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of energy. is that correct? >> that's right. it is quite clearly depicted within the gospel that mary had a vision at the tomb. this vision involved an angel. jesus himself had taught that resurrection involved people becoming like angels. he said this very openly in the gospel according to mark. mary and jesus were entirely on the same wavelength where it concerned resurrection. at a later period, the view of resurrection became more and more physical, but it is interesting that the earlest writer to speak of the resurrection who is st. paul also agrees with mary magdalene and jesus. he says that the resurrection has to be understood as spiritual and not as physical. >> you know what your word are awakening here. they awaken the thought of where is the body? where did jesus' corpse go? it is not reanimated corpse we know about or we should be knowing about in the resurrection. to say nothing about how this shatters the belief of so many christians everywhere, right? >> that's exactly the case. what i would like to assure those who believe in a physical resurrection is that within the gos
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1